Predator Stealing Peace


Tomorrow will be here in a few hours. Hard times arrived many days ago. It is hard to fight an unknown predator that slithers in the night to steal one’s peace. Each day the sun rises chasing the sky from horizon to horizon. At the opposing horizon there is a quick show of the beautiful color while the sun slips back beneath the horizon waiting to start the chase again. It departs leaving a sense of peace as the night processes in.

With that procession a predator waits. A camouflage predator can come and go without notice hunting in the shadows, changing the safety of reality to a surreal world that is decaying and attempting to destroy the fibers of family. The predator delights in the chaos of stealth movements in the night. These are moments of glee before the strike. The predators’ strike comes fast spewing venom and carelessly landing on the innocent. The pain and shock are enough to tear a family apart. But that would give the predator another moment of glee.

Tomorrow the sun will once again chase the sky to the horizon. Tomorrow the predator is blindly vulnerable, shedding its skin, and its changing appearance. It is a part of the chaos and cannot change its own nature, a hunter. Blindly at the moment it will seek cover only to emerge with a vile new strategy to steal again. Tomorrow the hunted will have survived another day building courage and strength to keep moving forward. The blind predator is always prey to the next night of schemes, attempting to stay and pretend that all is okay, all the while slithering on to steal the peace of the night.


About theowoman

I have a M. A. in Theology, from St. Mary's University, S.A.TX. I am Clinical Pastoral Chaplain.
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