Daily Experience in the Presence of God

Most of us look for God’s presence as we go about living our lives. We join others in congregations at Church, Temple, Mosque and Shrines of all faiths, to collectively connect with the presence of God. We see God’s presence in the beauty of nature, in our families and in our work places. And yes, in hospitals! As hospital caregivers, we create a unique opportunity to experience God’s presence in ministering to patients. God’s presence radiates through our gifts and skills in each encounter with a patient and each other. Our patients offer us their trust and faith in our care. We do not have to look further than our existence and relationship to one another to experience the presence of God as human beings. The experience of human relationships whether as a care giver, a patient, or a co-worker is an experience in God’s presence.
Praying each experience, you have throughout this work week brings you closer to each other and God.

About theowoman

I have a M. A. in Theology, from St. Mary's University, S.A.TX. I am Clinical Pastoral Chaplain.
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