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“Holy Distance” is not for Me

An unliked parishioner is not the same as a person without peace. However, I can stretch myself enough to see that a Pastor might feel unwelcome and that some parishioners lack in their offer of peace. Even with an empathetic understanding of the lack of peace, I cannot reconcile myself that “holy distance” is the proper course in the mission of Christ. Continue reading

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Daily Experience in the Presence of God

We do not have to look further than our existence and relationship to one another to experience the presence of God as human beings. Continue reading

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Answers That Cannot be Known

  Answers That Cannot Be Known Grieving leaves me with more questions than answers. Is that grief I feel after another shooting of innocent people? It is stuck in the darkness of my mind, my throat, and my heart. How … Continue reading

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Who Ought I Be

Essay 1 Who ought I be? Where is the Holy Spirit leading me? These questions have centered my theological development. Next week I begin my newest assignment from God. It is an exciting challenge as a resident in chaplaincy. I … Continue reading

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